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Kris Giampa, sound designer at Blizzard by day and electronic music composer/label owner by night, has started a new blog which focuses on music for video games.  Like many people, I am a rabid fan of Blizzard’s past catalogue (when Diablo III comes out, I am officially checking out of life for a week).  I’m really looking forward to reading what Kris has to say about game sound.  Here’s a quote from his first post that will no doubt ring true for any one working in game audio right now:

“In short, doing sound design for video games is a different beast than doing sound for film or tv. While the main principles of the sound design itself can carry over from film and tv, where it differs is in how you must think about how it will trigger back in the game real time. This split of being not only artistic as well as technically savvy is where I really enjoy my job.”

When I sit down to work on a synth patch or a piece of music, I’m only dealing with a linear timeline.  In modern game sound design, on the other hand, the focus shifts to figuring out how to bring the various components of a particular sound together in a way that is dynamic enough to change with all the variables present in the game engine.  To say that this is a challenging task is a gross understatement!

I hope that over time Kris’ blog will give out some insights on the various challenges of working in an audio medium where implementation is as important as design.  Having never worked in the industry, I’m fascinated by even the basic aspects of audio middleware and the possibilities that it brings to the game development table.

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