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Automating Pitch Change / Transposition of an Audio Clip in Ableton Live

The clip settings in Ableton Live

This is one of those fundamentals of Ableton Live that you should definitely know about since it allows an incredible level of flexibility with changing the nature of a baked in audio clip over time. If you want to automate the transposition of an audio clip, first you’ll need to double click on it so that […]

Ableton Live Quick Tip: Creating Inspiration With The MIDI Devices

Today’s Ableton tutorial is all about finding or creating inspiration on those days when writer’s block is kicking your ass.  Anyone that writes music on a regular basis is going to run into this problem once in a while, but for working professionals, simply choosing not to write isn’t always an option. If you have […]

Ableton Live Quick Tip – Decluttering Your Arrangement With “Consolidate”

Today’s Ableton Live tutorial is all about keeping your arrange view neat and uncluttered.  After moving, splitting, and rearranging clips on the timeline, it can start looking pretty messy.  This gets especially bad when you’ve shifted the start point of a clip to overlap either the start or end of a natural loop or phrase. […]

Ableton Live Quick Tip – Resampling and Sample-Based Workflow

Resampling is an incredibly simple yet powerful technique in digital music production.  The idea is straighforward:  Record the output of one or multiple tracks into a new, editable audio file.  It’s not much different than rendering your composition, except here you’re actually going to incorporate the new file into the current song. I employ this […]