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Writer's Block? Read This.

I’d like to lay out some tips on getting past writer’s block in all of its ugly forms whether it be apathy, procrastination, or just a frustrating lack of inspiration.  Staring at a blank sequencer timeline is one of the more miserable studio activities that I can think of, so let’s take a look at […]

Harry Potter and The Sound of Magic

I just spotted an interview with Andy Kennedy, sound designer on “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” at Filmsound Daily.  It was an enjoyable read because he actually touches on some techniques and ideas that went into the specific magic sound effects.  Science Fiction and Fantasy films offer up so many great opportunities […]

The Analog Series is Now Available!

After much revising and editing, I'm extremely proud to announce the release of my 4th series!  This time around, I cover sound design with the Analog synthesizer.  I focused on two major issues throughout the series: I've received a lot of requests for a comprehensive tutorial on subtractive synthesis.  I must admit that when I […]