Lex Toumbourou

Recently I’ve become Ableton obsessed (my god what a program!!) and decided to buy your tuts. I have to say, I’ve been damn happy with them so far. I wish there was more hours in the day to go through them all though.

Scott H. Johnson

Your introduction to the various tools in Live was very helpful. Very timely for me…Having been burned in the past, I probably would not have given the tutorials a shot without that, and I’m very glad I did.

Omar Baha

If only every tutorial were as good as yours. Your name should be KING ABLETON! I can actually use Analog now, the way it was meant to be used 🙂

Chris Keller

Making music has been one of the toughest challenge I’ve ever faced. Some days I actually get bummed out because I feel like my music on my computer isn’t sounding like the music in my head. Ever since I bought your tutorials it’s all starting to come together. I’m able to have an idea and […]

Joshua Boden

I just finished watching “Sampling and Slicing in Ableton Live”. I am super impressed! Thanks so much for putting this tutorial together. I have been working with Ableton for a number of years but found myself in a big time rut. I feel reinvigorated!

Milo D.

I’m pouring over your operator tutorials and I cannot believe how much i’m learning. In addition, I am grateful for how methodically (and with clarity) you have broken down subject matter to be understood and applied so easily to a musical context.


Not only have you freed me from relying on the bundled presets of what was once the impenetrable analog instrument, you have also saved me the hundred or so Euros I was prepared to pay for a vsti with an interface that I could understand.

Matt Loll

First of all, let me thank you and congratulate you for your outstanding work on the tutorials. I’ve been using Ableton Live less than a year, and your tutorials are exactly what i needed…. Rather than just simply explaining what a feature does, explaining how it fits in the workflow and why it’s important to […]

Bill Ambrose

These video’s are excellent. They don’t insult my intelligence, go at exactly the right speed, and are really opening up my conception about how to approach programming a synth.