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I've been speaking with Bjorn of The Covert Operators on and off for the last few weeks about his latest Max4Live project, the "Clip Mapper."  He described it to me in broad terms but I must admit that the details a were a bit fuzzy for me.  I'm not a Max/MSP guy by any stretch of the imagination, so very often I need to see these devices in action to truly understand their potential.  And what potential there is!  Here's the description in Bjorn's words:


"Clip Mapper is a M4L Device that allows the user to assign 16 parameters to a clip and recall those parameters when an assigned clip is triggered.

The 8 knobs and 8 buttons on this device can be controlled using MIDI Learn or Automap. The knobs and buttons can be assigned to any device on any track. You could for example have all your bass control parameters assigned to Clip 2 on Track 2 and all your beat control parameters assigned to Clip 1 on Track 1. By triggering either of those clips, the chosen parameters will be available to control with the Clip Mapper Device.

This allows you to free up many knobs and buttons on your physical controllers. And you don't need to memorize how to recall the correct controller presets during a live situation.

The device is free and may be edited, shared, improved, dismantled or destroyed.

You are not allowed to re-sell the device or re-release it under an identical name. Linking must be done to this page and not to the files, as the files and this page will be updated for each new version. Currently it comes as 2 versions. One for MIDI Tracks and one for audio tracks."


So there you have it, a super-practical and ridiculously useful M4L device that will allow you to keep your parameters organized across different clips, giving you the ability to recycle hardware knobs for parameters that you actually need access to.

The Clip Mapper is an excellent example of someone using an advanced tool to fill a pre-existing need and make peoples' music production/performance time more fruitful.  While it's cool that people will inevitably be releasing crazy effects networks and feedback loopers using M4L, it's this practical kind of thing that excites me the most.  The fact that it's released for free is just the icing on the cake!

You can download the Clip Mapper and watch a tutorial video here: (please respect the terms of use mentioned above!)

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2 Responses to “The Covert Operators "Clip Mapper"”

  1. SebOctober 20, 2013 at 3:22 pm #

    Hi, is this Guy activ and works on live. 9 devices…the idea is so fantastic man please please infos…WFG

    • NickOctober 24, 2013 at 3:47 pm #

      Hi there, unfortunately I don’t think the Covert Operators are active anymore. Both of them are incredibly smart guys and went on to academic settings as far as I know!

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